Monday, August 8, 2011

Post 1 - Baby Bakery and Blog

L.B.'s - an Introduction

Little Bites has been in existence for no more than a long weekend, but it's been in my head nearly all my life. From my lemonade stand as a child (literally taking a carton of Orange Pineapple Juice and pouring it into cups selling for $1 each) to baking with my mom for bake sales and class parties (eating more dough than actual cookies), I've always had the dream of creating something of my own and sharing it with others. With my baking, I've strived to be creative and make people happy, and I've realized those two elements should be in my life in more than just an afterthought or hobby. Little Bites may be my outlet.

The V Word

My veganism is a story in and of itself, worth telling, but not in depth here and now. Overall, I've learned through this lifestyle that I can heal myself, prevent illness, improve the planet, and make a stand against the animal cruelty movement that is taking over our man-made world. I love that the vegan movement is spreading, and I know in my heart that I can be a part of it. Long live the cafes that offer soymilk in their coffees, the stores that sell kale chips on their shelves, and the bakeries that sell yummy little things that make people smile at the expense of no cute creature (or not-so-cute, as they may be). I hope Little Bites will turn into everything I can imagine it to be and be one of the many organizations that is promoting the most positive lifestyle choice I can imagine.

...but what about the bites?!

This is where it gets fun. I want Little Bites to make everyone happy. Everyone includes:

1) The healthy, hippie, all-natural, tree-hugging vegans who want pure, unprocessed, delicious, and healing foods. Calling all raw foodies! All my raw items contain no cooked, processed, or otherwise tampered-with food. They typically have a nut and date base with additions of the best raw ingredients -- coconut, vanilla, chocolate, and fruit to name a few. They have no preservatives, chemicals, or artificial anything. Best of all, they taste incredible. Raw foods like these remind us that you don't have to do much to food to make it taste great. Nature already did that for us.

2) The people who choose foods that have no animal-derived ingredients. Veganism is a lifestyle that people choose for different reasons. They may be lactose intolerant, have a dairy allergy, be pro-animal rights, or be pro-health and eating with the mindset that animal products contribute to illness. People choosing to live a vegan lifestyle can munch on whatever products Little Bites has to offer, both raw and baked. The baked items are just like their non-vegan counterparts, with the use of some awesome replacements for butter, eggs, and milk that contribute to some great-tasting treatlets.

3) The non-vegans who just want to eat great-tasting sweet gooey melty crunchy amazing food. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy a few Little Bites!

First things first

So what now? Good question. In the works for the near future are putting together a menu list, figuring out pricing, deciding the best way to advertise, ship products, and fund-raise. I hope to initially fill local orders via delivery, far-away orders via mail, and customize products when needed to fit customers' dietary and personal preferences. I welcome any and all comments regarding my L.B. baby.

Thanks for reading! Bookmark and/or follow my blog to stay posted on my progress :)


  1. I could possibly help you with advertising and fund raising...sort have a degree in that :-P